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Leading provider for fulfilling the pharmaceutical and healthcare needs of pharmacists, chemists, hospitals, and medical professionals from across the globe apart from the other activities.

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IT Services

From sole trader to enterprise and government, no matter the size of your business we can ensure your
computing and telecommunications needs are met to allow your business to operate efficiently and grow.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

At Greenage Singapore, we provide a complete supply chain & logistic solution.

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Product Procurement

We have excellent tie-ups with various producers across the globe for sourcing quality products.

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Heavy Machinery

At Greenage Singapore Pte Ltd, we can tailor a quote specially to suit your needs at no obligation.

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Who We Are

About Us

Greenage Singapore is an international trading company that specializes in helping businesses based in Asia source product alternatives that make sense economically and that are of equal or higher quality.

Traditionally we were acting as pure marketing and procurement agents by entering into agreements between the parties and taking payment responsibilities on us. But now we are acting as a trader and we book the purchase sale in our books and not only as commission.

We are directly connected with producers and manufacturers across the globe which gives us an edge in negotiating our terms. This also helps in better logistics thus improving overall efficiency.

The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people :

“Their motivation and direction.”

Ken Gilbert


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If you want to contact us about any issue please send us an e-mail. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply submit a quote.

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